SB D Gallery is a non-profit art gallery founded by Seolbin Park in 2008 in the heart of the East Village in New York City.

The unique method of presenting works of art on large Samsung HD screens enables the audiences to engage and interact with the arts in a different way. The most differentiated advantage is the diversity of genres SB D Gallery covers. SB D Gallery exhibits various arts including traditional paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, mixed media, digital art, animation, jewelry, multimedia, films, reformatted, highly digitized art work and more. The exhibits provide a very intimate encounter between the artists and audiences.

SB D Gallery is a non-commercial gallery and supports both local and international artists providing an open space for art exhibition. It is solely supported by Seolbin Park who not only the founded SB D Gallery, but is also the President of SB Groupe and SB Design.

SB D Gallery has been featured in a number of press around the world, including The New York Times, Daily News, NYPPA, NPPA, TKC, Korea Times and more.

Our goal is to continue supporting artists and bring out the most exposure for people to share.

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